[9] Visvim AW13 FBT Reno JP Leather

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CONDITION Lightly Used (see pics)
TOTAL LENGTH (leather portion) 29 11.4
NOTES Very light signs of wear. Excellent condition! Antelope leather uppers, Vibram outsole. Please note, although there are no current signs of sole separation, as with any glued-sole shoe that is older, sole separation from wear can be a risk. Please understand this before purchasing/wearing.

*All items come exactly as pictured. Included items (boxes, tags, etc.) will be shown in the pics and/or mentioned in the 'notes' section.

**Condition ranks are subjective, please judge by the pictures. 

***Measurements may vary slightly from those shown.

Condition Rank (any notable flaws will be stated in the ‘notes’ section above) 
10 DS: Deadstock/New/Unused. Comes with original packaging. 
9.9: New/Unused. No original packaging. 
9.5: Worn once or twice. No flaws. 
9: Worn about 5 times. No flaws. 
8.5: Worn about 10~15 times. Light washing/wear but no major flaws. 
 Worn numerous times. Noticeable washing/wear but no major flaws. Lots of life left. 
Worn numerous times.  Noticeable signs of wear and/or small flaws. Still plenty of life left. 
6 or lower. Significant wear and/or flaws. Some life left. Please judge by the photos. wear and/or flaws. Some life left. Please judge by the photos.