DS! A Bathing Ape Bape (x Futura) Vintage Pin Badge Set

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Color: Various
Condition: 100% DS
Size: H27cm x W18cm
Notes: 100% DS, unopened/unused. *Please note, due to age, there may be slight signs of wear to the packaging. Very rare piece of Bape/Futura history! Circa 1999

*All items come exactly as pictured. Any boxes, bags, tags, accessories, etc. will be shown in the photos and/or stated in the 'notes' section.

Condition Rank (any notable flaws will be stated in the ‘notes’ section above)
100% DS: New/unworn. Comes with original packaging.
99%: New/unworn. Without original packaging.
95%: Possibly worn once or twice. Little to no signs of wear.
90%: Worn about 5 times. Very little signs signs of wear.
85%: Worn about 10~15 times. Some signs of wear but no real notable damage.
Worn numerous times. Noticeable signs of wear but no significant damage. Lots of life left.
Worn numerous times and shows noticeable signs of wear and/or damage. Still plenty of life left.
60% or lower. Significant signs of wear and/or damage. Some life left. Please judge by the photos.



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