Can't find what you want on
Found it from another store in Japan?
We can help get it to you!

**'Free Shipping over $200' on does NOT apply to proxy orders.  Actual shipping costs will apply.**


1.  Complete this form: Stylistics Proxy Form

2.  Send deposit: Instructions below. (Proof of ID showing name/address may be requested in some circumstances)

3.  Wait for confirmation email.

4.  Once we receive your item(s), we’ll calculate the remaining costs (shipping, fees, etc) and send an invoice  

5.  Pay the final balance and get your order shipped from us to you.  Straight from Japan!✌️🇯🇵



*Items must be currently shown as in stock and/or currently available for purchase or reservation.

*Items from separate sellers/stores will be charged separate fees.

  • OUR FEE:  10% or 2,000JPY (whichever is greater) 
  • DOMESTIC SHIPPING:  average ¥700
  • BANK/COD FEE:  average ¥300
  • INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING:  actual FedEx/DHL international rates will apply (based on size, weight, and destination).  



Eligible stores: Visvim, Bape, WTaps, Neighborhood, Undercover

*For limited release items that require lining up, we cannot offer standard proxy services.

*Items from separate stores/sellers will be charged separate fees.

  • OUR FEE:  10% or 3,000JPY (whichever is greater)
  • INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING:  actual FedEx/DHL international rates will apply (based on size, weight, and destination). 


    HOW MUCH do I send?

    • Auction items: Deposit = maximum bid amount
    • Store/BIN item: Deposit = retail price of the item(s) requested  (It does not have to be exact. Anything close is OK)

    WHAT CURRENCY do I use?

    • Japanese Yen Only: Deposits/payments must be made in Japanese Yen.  PayPal will allow you to select the currency.  Deposits/payments made in any other currency will be refunded.

    HOW do I send the deposit?

    • PayPal Goods/ (, Stephen M.)
      • 5% will be added to your total to cover PayPal fees.
    • PayPal Friends/Family (Gift): (, Stephen M.)
      • Fees covered by you, the sender.